Plantation Shutters Leeds & Yorkshire

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As plantation shutters require a much more complex and bespoke fitting process than a blind, it makes perfect sense to use a company that is accessible.  Therefore M&M Blinds with its 20 years of experience should be at the top of your short-list of companies to see.  Plantation shutters in Leeds are an increasingly popular choice of window covering due to there style, durability and other features.  Our shutters are created on a per client basis and are not mass manufactured.  We have an enormous selection of woods, stains paints and finishes to choose from as well as an array of styles to suit any room. So before you decide to invest in plantation shutters take a look at some of the advantages of plantation shutters over conventional options.

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Features & Benefits

First of all plantation shutters offer perfect light control and ventilation.  Some blinds offer both but only if there is a strong wind you may find that blinds take on a life of there own.  People who suffer from dust allergies will find that shutters can offer total control of light just like curtains but without any of the dust related issues.  Finishes to shutters can include UV paints to protect the colour of the shutters and with total control of light direction, you will be able to prevent any light damage to furnishings.  Heat retention is another advantage of plantation shutters.  Leeds residents living in busy areas will also notice that the extra barrier will help with noise pollution.  Windows can be left open without the risk of unwanted entry or escape from pets and the reduced risk of children leaning out of open windows is a huge advantage for concerned parents.   For more information, advice and a no-obligation quote for plantation shutters in Leeds of any sort please feel free to contact our team and we can arrange an appointment to discuss your options.  Make the first step towards a timeless and long-lasting investment in plantation shutters today and contact us.